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Have you built a FB Fanpage for your market yet?

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

Have you built a Facebook Fanpage for your market yet?

Social media this, social media that, everyone is talking about Social Media!  Google announced last week that “Twitter” is the fastest growing search for 2009, what does that mean? It means social media is here to stay.  Since its here to stay, you would be better served to embrace it than resist it.

One of the things that I have noticed recently is that while most realtors I meet with have a Facebook page, most of them dont have a facebook fan page for their business.  A FanPage on Facebook is a public website that is used to promote a brand.  By “public” I mean that it is searchable and indexed by search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo etc..  While a “Normal” FB page is locked behind a username and password, a fanpage opens right up for the world to see.  A fan page allows you to communicate directly with your fans,  those that are interested in your brand and/or product.  For most of you that brand will be your business, but it doesnt have to be.  Fanpages allow you to “send updates to your fans” which is a great way to build up a database of interested users. Updates might include information about the $8000 tax credit or the new $6500 tax credit, the possiblilites are actually endless.  Those interested users can be your past clients, present clients you name it, you can have a fan page for it. You can see my Fanpage at

Now, you may be thinking, I dont want my business clients to have access to my personal Facebook Page.  That’s one of the great things about a Fanpage, its dedicated to business so you dont necessarily have to be concerned about your “friends” posting those pictures of last weekend.

Other examples of fanpages I own are below. Bet you cant guess what they are dedicated to.

As you can see, fanpages are incredibly versatile, like I said, you can have a fanpage for anything and everything. (You’re really thinking now huh)

If I was  Realtor (which Im not) I would be spending the next few hours building dedicated fanpages for the areas I market to.  I would have a fanpage for the specific cities or even subdivisions I market to as well.  Fanpages can be your best friend in this respect.  Can you imagine how incredibly awesome it would be to have a fanpage set up for each subdivision you market to?  Do you think the residents of that subdivision would be interested in it….Absolutely they would.  How awesome would it be to have every resident of the subdivisions you market to on your fanpage?  You could send them updates on the local real estate market or you could send them updates about listings in their communities. You could even send them updates on……….YOU! Fanpages allow others to post to it as well, so those same residents could post information about a garage sale they are having or a lost dog.  The key to a successful fanpage is diologue.

Examples of real estate fanpages in the Phoenix metro area might be:,, (You get the point).

Now, a Fanpage is a lot like real estate, once its gone, its gone. Locking up your fanpage name is extremely critical as you obviously dont want your competitor to have it.  At this point there is good news and bad news.  The good news is, as you can see a fanpage could be an intregal part of your marketing strategy.  The bad news is: I have been helping my clients set up fanpages for a while now, the page you want may already be taken.

Now the USP (unique selling proposition)…..  (Why You Should Work With Me). Some Realtors do business with this title company or that title company because they “give good service” or they are “close to your office”, the above is just one example of how to build your business, I have many others.  Call or email me to set an appointment to go over how I can help you because in my opinion, ‘Giving good service” is the bare minimum to be in business these days, your vendors should be helping you build your business not running with the ball after you did the work.

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