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The Social Media Guru, Gary Vaynerchuk

“Internet is 14 years old. There is a monumental shift that has taken place with the internet.  We no longer need anyones permission to write and post anything.”….Gary Vaynerchuk



“Did you know that YOU have the power to compete with HUGE companies now, all because of social media.

The opportunity is huge.  You must create content around things that you like.”….Gary V



“The social media shift is MAJOR, this is not small.  You can now go direct to the consumer at NO COST. We are now connected to each other.

Social media means we are going back to Old school principles of business: Work hard, take care of the customer”…..Gary V


“Facebook and Twitter are only tools, Facebook is a marker, Twitter, a stapler, its not the tools, its how you use them” …..Gary V




Yesterday I had the pleasure to hear Gary Vaynerchuk speak at the Mesa Hilton. Who is Gary Vaynerchuk you ask?  Gary is a 32 year old wine lover that runs his parents wine shop in New Jersey.  Gary recently released his first book “Crush It, Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion” What’s special about Gary and why am I including his story in my blog?  Gary Vaynerchuk made a name for himself when he catapulted his family’s modest New Jersey-based wine business to become nationally recognized – and significantly more profitable, from $5 Million in annual sales to over $60 Million in sales using social media, specifically, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


I highly recommend you go and see Gary speak if given the opportunity, I have one word of caution though, Gary loves the “F Bomb”, there are times that he will use it like “and”, and “the”, but thats how some speak back East,.  OK, back to Gary.  This guy was awesome!  Awesome because he embodies everything that this country is about. Gary emigrated from the former Soviet Union as a child with his parents, and thanks to his passion, he is now living the American dream.  Gary has made appearances on Ellen, The Today Show, Nightline, Jimmy Fallon , to name a few. Gary launched “The Wine Library” in which he essentially drinks wine in front of a camera in his house for 30 minutes each day and describes it to his audience.  Here are some notes from Gary’s talk last night.


Gary said that the future of business is the internet, specifically social media. The beauty of Social Media is that we no longer need anyones permission to write or post anything.  There are no more GateKeepers.  Social Media sites like FB and Twitter have leveled the playing field between large multimillion dollar companies and small mom and pop companies.  The future of business is word of mouth. Why is word of mouth so important?  We Listen to our friends and we Buy.  The future of marketing and advertising is changing, and the huge corporations are threatened by it.  Advertising represents 12% of the sales here in the US, word of mouth, (referrals) represent 88%!


Gary offered proof:  The 2009 Movie “Bruno” starring Sacha Baron Cohen.  Gary said that “Bruno” opened on a Wednesday with almost $42 Million in sales, studio executives were incredibly excited about the opening, But “Bruno”, broke records for another reason, “Bruno” represents the steepest decline in movie history, Why?  Because those that attended the opening of “Bruno” Tweeted and Shared on Facebook, what they thought of the movie, I can only imagine they said “This Movie Sucks!”  Audiences subsequently stayed away. You must learn how to use social media as its the way the world will be communicating.


Gary loves Twitter, which is funny because most people I talk to just dont get it. Gary said that the power of twitter is not what your friends are doing, he really doesnt care about that, the power of Twitter is Twitter Search.  If you want an unbiased review of a product or service from someone that has used the product or service you can use Twitter search. We no longer rely on Actors on TV or Radio to try and convince us to use their product. Twitter is a word of mouth tool. The game has changed, you must adjust to it.  Eyeballs are moving, you need to be in front of them.  There is an enormous amount of commerce that is happening with Twitter.

Why is social media so important to your business? There are no gate keeperss anymore, the mainstream media no longer has control over every thought.  The media is being fragmented.


The way I see it, The biggest problem with social media is that we are used to immediate gratification, If I wanted to punish my kids I could say “you have been so good that I am taking you to Peter Piper Pizza next week”, they dont want it next week, they want it now!  Same thing with using social media, You must be patient, multi million dollar businesses are not built in 8 weeks.  There is never a bad time to build a business.  Infact, a recession is the best time to start a business.



Remember this: You dont have time for Social Media?? Caring and interacting customers is your job.  If you dont have time, you are in the wrong business!


Do you love selling homes?  Tell the world what you know, dont hold on to content. You must put the info out to attract people to you. Content is the important part.

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